Monday, May 3, 2010

Mid Week Midnight Madness Butterfly Magnet Pop-Up Card Tutorial

Here is a tutorial on how to make a Butterfly Magnet Card with a Pop Up inside.
This is a picture of the completed set with the removable Magnetic Butterflies.
These butterflies are shown here removed from the card. The Butterfly digi's in both the open winged and side view are available at "priscillastyles"
These are the black magnets that the butterflies are attached to.

As you can see in this picture, I used recycled refrigerator magnets for the card front. Just cut to desired shape and secure to card front.
For the actual butterflies, I used store bought heavy strength magnets for the back . I have two small kids and I know how easily their art work falls off the refrigerator LOL . Plus, this helps hold them securely to the front of the card. Make sure you use aggressive adhesive to attach them. I used Crystal Effects from Stampin Up. It seems to work nicely. You can also use Judi Kins Diamond Glaze. (testing your adhesive first is always a good idea) It's so easy and a lovely way to add a gift element to your card to be enjoyed for many years to come. The possibilities are endless.
Pop Up Card Tutorial
Now for the pop-up element for the inside of the card.
Here is a close up of the measurements for the inside pop up mechanism. These go directly in the center for your card fold. Cut and Score near the upper part of the card. The scores allow the this flap to fold in and lay flat with your pop up image.

To make the pop up image for the inside, you must make two of the same images. You can not make them to large as they must be able to fold down flat and not stick out of the card or interfere with the folding mechanism. This butterfly image measures 2 ¾” x 2 ¾”. You can use any kind of image, Hearts and Flowers work great with this technique. After both images are made, you carefully cute one image ½ way down the center from the “top” to the center, and then you cut the second image from the “bottom” to the center. This will allow them to slide together as shown in the picture. Just connect them by sliding them together till they match up. NO adhesive needed for this, because they must be able to move freely when opening and closing the card.
I choose to put a green liner under my main pop up element, but you do not have to do that. I just think it looked better.
However, you must have an insert for the pop up feature or your card will have a hole in it. Once your inlay is in place, you are ready to attach your Butterfly (or pop up image)
Now add your pop up image by attaching the lower portion of the two back pieces to each side of the fold out flap (pop up)
You must be careful to measure just the right place to glue it, because if you glue it on to low, it will be unable to fold in on itself and lay flat.
The very bottom of the pop up image should be slightly higher than the base of the card inside.
Here is a picture with the pop up inside, the removed Butterfly magnets from the front of the card.
Close up on the Butterfly Digi from the "priscillastyles" Store. Both of these Butterflies can be found as a set and I would love to see what you would make with them. Stop by follow my store and check out my "Dabbling with Digis" Line :)
Front of the matching envelope.
Back of the matching butterfly envelope that was made using the "priscillastyles" envelope kit. These kits are perfect for this type of project. Pop/Magnet cards tend to be on the thicker side and the envelope kit form tool helps with any embellishing you are going to add to your envelope by holding it steady and firm. You can learn more about these kits by visiting the "priscillastyles" Store.
You can click on any of the above pictures to enlarge. I hope you have enjoyed my Butterfly Magnet Pop Up Card Tutorial today and I hope you play along with the Midnight Madness sketch challenges this week/month. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at
We are celebrating our One Year Anniversary and we have a lot of festivities going on over at the Midnight Madness sketch challenge blog.


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