Monday, May 3, 2010

Mid Week Midnight Madness Butterfly Magnet Pop-Up Card Tutorial

Here is a tutorial on how to make a Butterfly Magnet Card with a Pop Up inside.
This is a picture of the completed set with the removable Magnetic Butterflies.
These butterflies are shown here removed from the card. The Butterfly digi's in both the open winged and side view are available at "priscillastyles"
These are the black magnets that the butterflies are attached to.

As you can see in this picture, I used recycled refrigerator magnets for the card front. Just cut to desired shape and secure to card front.
For the actual butterflies, I used store bought heavy strength magnets for the back . I have two small kids and I know how easily their art work falls off the refrigerator LOL . Plus, this helps hold them securely to the front of the card. Make sure you use aggressive adhesive to attach them. I used Crystal Effects from Stampin Up. It seems to work nicely. You can also use Judi Kins Diamond Glaze. (testing your adhesive first is always a good idea) It's so easy and a lovely way to add a gift element to your card to be enjoyed for many years to come. The possibilities are endless.
Pop Up Card Tutorial
Now for the pop-up element for the inside of the card.
Here is a close up of the measurements for the inside pop up mechanism. These go directly in the center for your card fold. Cut and Score near the upper part of the card. The scores allow the this flap to fold in and lay flat with your pop up image.

To make the pop up image for the inside, you must make two of the same images. You can not make them to large as they must be able to fold down flat and not stick out of the card or interfere with the folding mechanism. This butterfly image measures 2 ¾” x 2 ¾”. You can use any kind of image, Hearts and Flowers work great with this technique. After both images are made, you carefully cute one image ½ way down the center from the “top” to the center, and then you cut the second image from the “bottom” to the center. This will allow them to slide together as shown in the picture. Just connect them by sliding them together till they match up. NO adhesive needed for this, because they must be able to move freely when opening and closing the card.
I choose to put a green liner under my main pop up element, but you do not have to do that. I just think it looked better.
However, you must have an insert for the pop up feature or your card will have a hole in it. Once your inlay is in place, you are ready to attach your Butterfly (or pop up image)
Now add your pop up image by attaching the lower portion of the two back pieces to each side of the fold out flap (pop up)
You must be careful to measure just the right place to glue it, because if you glue it on to low, it will be unable to fold in on itself and lay flat.
The very bottom of the pop up image should be slightly higher than the base of the card inside.
Here is a picture with the pop up inside, the removed Butterfly magnets from the front of the card.
Close up on the Butterfly Digi from the "priscillastyles" Store. Both of these Butterflies can be found as a set and I would love to see what you would make with them. Stop by follow my store and check out my "Dabbling with Digis" Line :)
Front of the matching envelope.
Back of the matching butterfly envelope that was made using the "priscillastyles" envelope kit. These kits are perfect for this type of project. Pop/Magnet cards tend to be on the thicker side and the envelope kit form tool helps with any embellishing you are going to add to your envelope by holding it steady and firm. You can learn more about these kits by visiting the "priscillastyles" Store.
You can click on any of the above pictures to enlarge. I hope you have enjoyed my Butterfly Magnet Pop Up Card Tutorial today and I hope you play along with the Midnight Madness sketch challenges this week/month. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at
We are celebrating our One Year Anniversary and we have a lot of festivities going on over at the Midnight Madness sketch challenge blog.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pixie Cottage Guest Sketch Artists

I've got an extra card and an extra sketch to show you this week in addition to yesterday's Midnight Madness Challenge. I had the honor of creating the sketch over at The Pixie Cottage Challenge site.
The Pixie Cottage are adding Special Guest Sketch Artists to their weekly challenge and I'm excited to say that I'm their very 1st one! The Pixie Cottage line of stamps debuted in the Fall of 2009 and I got to work with one of the latest stamps, Hannah with Butterflies, and I designed the sketch for the whole Pixie team to work with.

So if you'd like to play with an additional sketch this week drop over to The Pixie Cottage for a chance to win and be sure to check out their DT creations. Thank you for asking me Kate and Thank you Michelle for the image to work with. I had so much fun working with Hannah and creating the sketch for your DT.   We have a lot going on over at the Midnight Madness sketch challenge blog including my BLOG CANDY and the Upcoming MIDNIGHT MADNESS ON THE HIGH SEAS CRUISE. If you stop by, I would love to hear from you.  Priscilla :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Aquarius Art Challenge

**Please click on pictures to enlarge**

This was made for the Art Challenge over at Hands and Hearts. I joined the Zodiac group over there and this is my take on Aquarius. How it works over there is, every month has a different zodiac sign, and each month you create something based on the inspiration from the sign. You may use any medium, technique, you may write a poem, a story, paint, draw, collage, make a doll, just about anything, the important is to follow your inspiration at the moment! You just read the descriptions of the sign to get inspired. I am learning a lot about signs etc. Aquarius is  "The Water Carrier" January 21 to February 19. I was inspired by the water part, so I created a girl floating under the water...I was just going for a peaceful, relaxing image. I drew and painted this graphics involved.  Let me know if you think it worked :) I would like to dedicate this painting to Jessica Grundy whos art work has always been an inspiration for me and she is an Aquarius too. Happy Birthday!

I thought I would make one for Capricorn = Dec 22nd - Jan 19th. It is a little late, but better late than never right? I thought I should have all the months if I was going to do this, so here is my take on Capricorn. This is more of a mixed media project. I used an imag I made previously. I had printed the main image, water color painted it, added some sparkle, then took a picture of it and worked on it graphically by adding it to a background, added some horns, some special effects and the word Capricorn. "They are realted to the goat because of their tendency to climb high mountains and walk easily through rocks and unevenly paths, meaning that even they strugle in the hard work of life, they succed reaching the top, it is said that when older they stay there to contemplate the view and start a mistic life because of their earned wisdom. Capricorns are great friends and they are solid but sometimes too much and they tend to stay focused on one simple idea, place or relationship, sometimes they are painted with a fish tale"  Hope you like it... I am thinking about taking one of there Mixed Media art classes over there...hummmm  it is a year long fun is that??
Thanks for looking :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Art Creations Friday Challenge #57

This is the first time I have joined in the the "Art Creations Friday" Challenge. You are to take the image they post and create your own project/art with it. This is what I have come up with today. I hope you like it. Her hands were holding a bird, but I switched it out for some hand drawn flowers I made. These are really the first hand drawn images I have made on my wacom tablet. It was fun trying and I can not wait to practice practice practice :) These challenges are so good for that and are really forcing me to learn how to use my tablet. Anyway, thank you for stopping in today. I hope to stop by and check out all the entries shortly.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Mixed Media Monday "Wings", The Three Muse Challenges "Air" and Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge #37

Thank you so much for stoping by today  :)
This card /envelope set covers three challenges this week. …
Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge – MMSC37 (shown)
Mix Media Monday – Theme this week is “Wings”
The Three Muse- Theme this week is “What IS in the air”

So, now I want you to meet “Dusty”, the clown with flying elephant envy. Ever since Dusty joined the Circus, he has always wanted to fly like “Bo Bo” the flying pink elephant. At first he was not sure if Bo Bo was a figment of his imagination, but quickly realized that even when he was not drinking his cup of “clown cocoa on the rocks” he seemed to still hover. Dusty set out on a mission to figure out a way to fly asking the trapeze artists and tightrope walkers advice, but to no avail. He came up with an idea to fashion his own wings. Now Dusty is hoping that Bo Bo and he will be best of friends. Even if his wings don’t work, he always has the back up of his cup of “clown cocoa on the rocks” He will be flying in his own mind, at least till the morning hangover kicks in. LOL

I am still very green with the Mixed Media graphics art end of creating and will have to really try and link up my graphic resources in the future. I have just been saving things I come across and have to figure out a system for giving credit when due. I used my wacom tablet for the graphics, printed my picture on glossy paper, layered the images and then used my “priscillastyles” envelope kit to make my envelope.

I hope you all are having a great week. I am excited about mine. I will be taking my Copics Certification class on Friday, then going to CHA on Sunday. Should be for a very fun week filled with crafts and friends Thanks for letting me have a little bit of FUN with you today.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mixed Media Monday and The Three Muse Challenges

"Something NEW with WATER"

Thank you so much for stopping in today. I am so thrilled that I am making new friends through my new blog. It is like a whole other world doing Mix Media art. There is so much to learn with so much inspiration. I am learning about all these wonderful challenges and I am slowly going to figure each one out. Today, I am first entering the Mix Media Monday Challenge (very first time). The theme was “Something new”. Of course, you can interpret this in any way – a new technique, new tools or suppliesm a new idea or concept. Well this fits me perfect because this is only my second post here and the second time I have created something using my “NEW” Wacom tablet. I learned how to do transparency painting, used my warp feature and tried to make my own letter tiles. These techniques are all “firsts” for me.

This is also made using the sneak peek for “The 3 Muse” Challenge posting on Wednesday. The theme for the 3 Muse is “Water” In honor of my newest friend over at the 3 muse (Hi Marie, thanks for all your help), I thought I would use this image ;) Three beauties just basking in the sun! I am a vintage print lover and found this wonderful image of 3 women sitting on some rocks by the ocean, so I am hoping it is acceptable.
I have plans to dabble in all the different styles of the arts I am coming across on my newest journey. Learning all these new styles and techniques is becoming a wonderful and oh so enjoyable journey for me. I would love for you to follow along with me and would love to do the same for you.

I would love to hear your thoughts, comments and anything you could share to help me on my way through this new world.

We are only limited by our own imagination!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Three Muse Challenge - Angels

This is my very first challenge of his type and my very first project using my new Wacom tablet. I got if for Christmas this year and I am so excited about trying out new things and digging a little deeper in my imagination for a different type of creative outlet. So my first challenge is for the "TheThree Muse" challenge. I have been watching them for a little while and am just now brave enough to try one.  I look forward to making new friends and learning new things along my newest journey. Please let me know what you think as I have so much to learn and am open to anything you would like to share with me. Thank you so much for looking  :)